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Mr. Rainey Started Teaching Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate under the direct Tutelage of SGM Dave Hebler and Master Jim Thompson. A accomplished Kenpoist since 1973, Mr. Rainey has trained under Luminaries such as " Doc"Ron Chapel whom he also earned a Black Belt . He has shared his art with Master Paul Dye and Sr. Professor Rich Hale, both of whom he maintains a stong relationships. Mr Rainey has continued to  teach Kenpo for the last forty years having taught in the Air Force and numerous Pubic Safety entities as well as  opening and running several Kenpo School  over the past four decades. Mr. Rainey's professional approach in training and teaching has proved to establish other Kenpo linages that are also containing to produce highly adept Kenpoist. To note Professor Todd Durgan a renown Kenpoist in his own right and close . Many of his peers and  mentors continue to seek his guidance for his experience and skills. Mr. Rainey currently Teaches  in Federal Way, Wa  at A-sa Rainey's  Tiger and Dragon Kenpo. He continues teach Group classes as well as privates. Mr. Rainey is available for Seminars, defensive tactics, as well women groups, defensive tactics and charitable events. Tiger and Dragon Club Kenpo Karate is the Kenpo Group that was started under the direct tutelage of Dave Hebler  and Jim Thompson wherein Masters Paul Dye and Barry Elwood  also initiated their Kenpo studies. Mr. Todd Durgan now heads up the Tiger and  Dragon Club. Mr. Rainey also uses the name Tiger and Dragon Style Kenpo other wise  known as A-sa Rainey's Tiger and Dragon Style Kenpo.

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